April has made me tired

Some good news Brooke – I am 7 weeks pregnant with my first baby… and very, very tired – ha!
As someone who was loving the start of April, my to do list now involves lying in bed as often as possible. I’m trying to accept my tiredness but am struggling with moving away from my usually productive and busy life.
What do you think? Should I just succumb?
I’m trying to do a couple of productive things a day but have to pretty much leave it at that – which currently isn’t getting me as quickly as I’d hoped to my big, scary goal of launching my website 1 May. I’m feeling a lot of guilt accordingly.
Here’s my models from today:

C Amount of energy
T I hope I have some energy all day
F Hopeful, pressured
A Think I’m going to do my whole to do list
R Depend on energy for a positive, productive day

C Energy
T Let’s see how much energy I have today
F Peaceful, guilt-free
A Do what I can
R I feel in flow with my energy of the day