April question- help please

Hello dear coaches. This is my second April with SCS. I am not sure what to pick as my task to complete this month. Last year I had a plan to work on finishing my resume, having it reviewed, and applying to three jobs by the end of the month. I did it! This year I don’t have anything as clear as that. I need to take a state test – and I have have register for it and study for it.. but I am not sure if that is big enough of a task – I feel I “know how to” do that. Another thing I want to accomplish is making my husband take action on cleaning up our backyard for the summer (calling junk company to come pick stuff up, finazling a fence being built, having a door switched out. But this is dependent on him being willing to take action (I will not have a junk company pick stuff up without his agreement, not a good move for our marriage). I really want to focus on something meaningful. I want to get back into 4 times a week exercise , but is that good enough? Welcome you’re input. thanks!