April recap DM

I made an ambitious goal for April to complete a book proposal and another chapter of my book. I am reporting back that with help from Ask Brooke 🙂 I have been successful! I sent the proposal to my writing editor today. After I make the final changes, this material will be ready to send to the publishing company! I’ve learned so much about myself throughout this month, especially procrastination and buffering. In the last week, there’s been no drama at all. I just get up and do the work I’ve committed to do. I love the feeling of self-respect and efficacy. And the momentum really helps. Actions on a calendar rather than a to do list is life changing. Thank you for the information and encouragement!

I will follow the April process of choosing goals, deciding how much time to give them, and calendaring the actions in May as well. Three more book proposals and another chapter or two is what I’m thinking. I can use much of the same material from my first book proposal in my new ones, just tweaked for the particular companies. I definitely want to make this way of working a habit! I’m excited and celebrating. xoxo