April’s Work

My brain is spinning in confusion around managing my time appropriately and how to fit it all in. I’ve just finished my certification and I’m confused how to schedule the “to do’s” to create the results for our massive action goals, the entrepreneur classes, my scholar homework, along with coaching my current clients; How do I implement or schedule the massive action goal work/ to do’s, creating content and reading to learn, learning the tech stuff etc. Brooke also talked about working IN our business vs ON our business and that we should schedule a couple hours for that as well. What falls under massive action vs working IN our business or ON our business? Where does it all fit in? and then I need to add in free time, family time, laundry, etc, etc 😊. What am I missing? It seems like I need to be working on each of these things on a daily basis but then when is there time for anything else? Help!