Are believable Bridge Thoughts enough to get me there?

I’m working on cultivating feelings of self-confidence in my models related to my work. I need a little clarification regarding bridge thoughts and/vs. the idea of thinking like someone who already has the goals/life that I want. Someone who already had confidence and self-love might have T lines in their model like, “I’m so awesome at this” “I bring something so valuable and unique and helpful to the world through my work.” but those thoughts arent believeable to me…YET ;). So I feel like I need some bridge thoughts to get there and to the desired R of not constantly seeking external validation and comparing myself unfavorably to others. But the believable bridge thoughts I come up with (ex: “Not everyone knows the information I have to teach/share.” “I have helped people through my work.” don’t seem to impact the A and R very much yet. How does one balance the concept of believable bridge thoughts with the concepts of massive action / big dreams / thinking like the person who has already achieved what I want to achieve? Or am I confusing two unrelated topics?