Are “conclusions” just more thoughts?

So after doing models to try to look at my current job in a better light, I have concluded that even though I CAN see it differently, the activities of the job are not things that I prefer to do. So that makes me want to seek out another “more fulfilling” job. But isn’t that still just thoughts? I went from “My job is unfulfilling” to “I can find value in my job.” Which helped. But it still does not feed my soul. Should I continue to change my thoughts to try to make it feel even better? Or should I look for a different job? Like one could say, “My husband’s 10 years of neglect sucks” and this can be changed to “My husband is hurting and that’s the reason for neglect the past 10 years.” But maybe I just don’t prefer to be neglected? Should one continue to try to change their thoughts to make a “less preferred” situation acceptable? Or move on? (This question is really about the job, really.) Thanks!