Are models for negative thoughts or actions? What to use to build new goals?

I started by watching both videos in the “get started area” and then started by one of my own thought downloads which I later practiced doing models with in the model workbook. What I have realized is that most of my thought downloads were from ok to super positive and it was hard for me to find negative thoughts or circumstances. Of course some thoughts were wishes for my future but I am wondering if models are supposed to be used for problems or negative results or feelings, etc. Am I too positive? I am looking for another model to build results that I want instead?
to be specific, here are some examples I wrote:
– I am super happy and excited about your school
– scared to be too excited and and it will be disappointing
– wish to be huge on youtube and doing so great now (in my expectations)
– so happy my teenagers are doing so well and opening to me
– wish I could be more muscular
– be better in sex
– hopefully I will always feel this happy about myself as I have been in the last year
I hope I am not overwhelming you with this, I could talk about this at my first 20 minute session but it is in a few days and I would love an answer as I continue learning 🙂