Are other people a neutral circumstance?


I have struggled with this for a while. I feel differently around different people and I believe different people have different qualities that I find desirable or undesirable – want match or otherwise – lying, cheating, using drugs for example not comfortable for me.
However they are other people and they are supposed to be neutral.
I see that I can more easily tell myself I am awesome when I am around people who are fun and who say they think I’m awesome… but what about also what is possible?
Brooke said in a recent podcast they being around people who make more $ makes her have new thoughts and ideas – networking, etc. For example when Stacy said that it was worth it to her to pay $50k to be in the presence of certain people and Brooke with her $100million club group.
I’ve kind of resisted the idea of trading in friends or people for others, feels kind of disrespectful and unkind, not honoring them or our relationship – however I also hear Brooke say that as we raise ourselves up we will raise our clients and clients at a higher level will find us… as if there really is a difference between people – they are not all neutral.
I would love more wisdom and insight on this. Thank you!