Are We Always Feeling Something? Are There Feelings That Don’t Trigger Vibrations in the Body?

I’m trying to practice feeling and identifying my feelings: naming it and observing the physical sensations. So I set an alarm several times a day to stop what I’m doing and do that exercise. But most of the time it’s like I don’t feel anything at that moment. I have plenty of thoughts in these moments, but I don’t feel anything in my body.

Is it possible that we feel neutral a lot of the time? Or that many feelings don’t have a strong (or even any) physical vibrations associated with them (like concentration or focus for example)? It made me wonder if I’m completely disconnected, but I really don’t think so.

If I had to quantify it, it wouldn’t be 50/50 positive/negative like Brooke teaches, but more like 60/20/20 neutral/positive/negative.
Even though I know we’re all different and there is no right or wrong, out of curiosity I’d love to have someone’s perspective and personal experience, if you don’t mind sharing it. I promise I won’t make it mean anything or use it against me. 😉

(I would ask people around me but they don’t know anything about self-coaching, thoughts and feelings, so it would take me longer to explain and they might not even get what I’m asking).