Why aren’t more people using the model?

This is a little bit of a rhetorical question here, but I wanted to share this: today I heard a life coach interviewed on a podcast I listen to, and he was talking about his “FAB” framework: for any undesirable result you have in your life, you list the F(eeling), the A(ction) and the B(elief) associated with the result.

He tried it on the host’s example problem (not getting enough sleep) and it was a mess: they were mixing feelings, actions and beliefs that were both causing the result and consequences of the result.

And then to solve the problem, the life coach asked, well, what do you feel most inclined to change first: your feeling, your action, or your belief? Not giving any kind of hint of how these three worked together.

To be fair, this was off-the-cuff and not in the context of a real coaching session, but I was sitting here feeling smug and thinking, well, you’d get a lot more clarity from just running a model! It’s Brooke 101, guys!

Cannot wait for LCS training in September 2018. 🙂

Clotilde in Paris.