Argument with Co-Worker

Hi everyone, I had an argument today with a co-worker that’s really got me stressed. So, she complains continuously about not being able to pay her bills, afford health insurance, etc. but she’s someone who likes to come in late/leave early and basically, work a limited amount. I gave her a new, money-making client a few weeks back and she’s complained on a weekly basis ever since. Today, I got fed up with her attitude, basically told her to knock it off, but walked away before I said something I’d regret (like calling her a lazy dumbass). We’ve worked together for years and I care about her, but the poor me routine isn’t easy to deal with on a regular basis! I told myself she’s just being who she is and it is not my job or my place to change that. I have to accept her as is just as I want people to accept me as is. My question is, and maybe there’s no one right answer, but how do you deal with a person who complains about their life but doesn’t do anything about it? I’m trying to find some peace of mind in this situation, I hate conflict, and I know my thoughts about the situation are what is causing my stress, but I’m really not sure how to respond to such a person. I wish I had handled it better, but hours later, I’m still not sure what I should have said.
Thank you very much!