Arguments every Tuesday

Dear Brooke / coaches – I’m kind of stuck with my thoughts here – all I feel is anger and frustration .
I’m off every Tuesday and Wednesday and it’s already becoming a pattern – my husband throws shitload of accusations on me , calling me names , yelling , etc
I don’t know if the reason here is important , I can’t dictate him how to behave , I just have a big problem with accepting – every single word that he throws at me ringing in my ears and it drives me even more away , the reason is intimacy , that I don’t pay any attention to him , etc . There is not a single truth to it – I’m not even going to explain myself – all I can say is I work and he doesn’t , I come home after 11 hour shift and in bed by 11.
I am not trying to justify anyone’s behavior – I feel hurt and can’t shake it off , it creates more distance and further lack of intimacy .