Around others Follow Up

Hi Brooke,

Thank you for answering my questions in my initial post! So good to know that my brain is just trying to protect me. It still feels really charged though, but I know I just need to feel the discomfort. For intentional models, do you suggest starting with “I notice I’m thinking – I’m really awkward and have nothing interesting to say and that’s okay.” Then eventually to “ Its possible I’m not awkward in social situations?

Can I also use I notice I’m thinking – I should be more outgoing and it’s okay?

C Around Others
T I’m really awkward and have nothing interesting to say.
F uncomfortable
A stay really quiet or say random things to fill up the space, beat myself up in my head
R Be awkward?

C Around others
T I should be more outgoing.
F Aniexty? Uncomfortable
A beat myself up when I think I’m not being outgoing, notice how others are being more outgoing, beat myself up some more
R ?

Thank you!