Art expo end 2020. 12 sold paintings. 25 Failures

My goal is to have an exposition with my art at the end of 2020, with 25 paintings, and have sold 12 of them during or before expo. I’m writing out my preparation needed for this event/result. This prep consists of many actions that might fail. Are these the failures you referring at?

– Asking if a well l known successful gallery owner if they want to host my expo.
For me it requires getting out of my comfort zone, contacting people I look up to, see as ‘real’ artist’ and so on. This is hard for me. (I’m writing many models with all the thoughts that come up). Chance they say ‘no’. Is this the kind of failure you mean? Is every meeting with one of the optional gallery owners who says ‘no’ a failure.
– Planning my painting hours and producing 10 big size paintings the next 3 months.
I’ve never done this before. I also have my interior design business I work for. So it’s challenging since I often wait for inspiration, with this quantity I need to work differently, with another mindset and I need to plan my design work also more efficient. It feels at this moment as ‘very hard, kind of impossible’. The failure would mean; not producing this quantity at the end of 3 months.

Thank you for your feedback