Art sales on Websites. My compelling why? Which price? High % for the services?

After a week of believing in myself as an artist I’m feeling back to square one. Many doubts, overwhelm.

My impossible goal for 2020 is selling 25 paintings. Until now I had some expositions, but was never focused on the selling part as well. Except from my Saatchiart account. There I sold one very big painting to someone in NY (I’m in Europe).

I spoke with my husband this week and told him about my plan for 2020. His reaction was “Why bother? You paint because you love it and see when someone wants to buy. we don’t need the income”. He’s right in the sense that we do have two businesses that are going well, and we ‘don’t need more money’. I like to do something hard since I know how I feel when I succeed, not because we need more income, but because I like the challenge and know that I’ll grow during this whole process.

Last days I’ve been looking at alternative websites to sell my art. Other than Saatchiart. At Saatchi I pay around 35% for their services, and then I arrange and pay the timber box for transport, that a carpenter has to make. So 50% is for me. Then I deduct the materials. For my work as an artist I receive not much (my thought), but when I price it higher the consumer price will be way too high (I think). I don’t want to be too expensive to be bought, but neither too cheap so there’s almost nothing for me left.

Except price wise, I’m looking into social media, the communication part of this business. And see myself thinking: ‘This is too hard, and a website, and Instagram, and videos’. Where to start? No idea.

So I’ve more models.

1. UM
C. Impossible goal 2020 selling 25 paintings
T. I don’t know where to start with this project
F. Overwhelm
A. Looking at art-selling-websites. Google other artists. No nothing. Do a bit of everything in an unstructured, inefficient way.
R. I don’t really start

T. For a start I can stick with Saatchiart, start selling and can always decide to switch to other art sell site, or sell from own website.
F. Decided
A. Make pics for Saatchiart, decide on price, make new bio for Saatchiart, review my descriptions, plan painting
R. Sell on Saatchiart

2. UM
C. Generate Income with my art
T. It’s not necessary and a lot of work
F. Unmotivated
A. Procrastinate, don’t look serious into tutorials, don’t plan, don’t figure out social media issues
R.  Don’t generate income

T. It’s a new challenge that will teach me many new things about me and the art business in general
F. Inspired
A. Start from where I am with Saatchi, do Instagram&schedule this, plan painting…
R. I’ll grow as a person and learn skills that I can use in other fields/businesses I have.

3. UM
C. Social media as tool for Art sale
T. I’m a newbie and it too hard for me to learn
T. Blocked
A. Nothing
R. Stay a newbie for ever

T. Everyone started as a newbie
F. Optimistic/light
A. Start with setting up an account, making one pic, check # others use, learn form them, commit to posting schedule I make
R. I’ve learned how it works and I’m not a newbie anymore:-)

Writing these models I see the differences between Um and IM. Still, I feel I have to drag myself out of the cave, not for the painting part. I love that! But for the selling part and everything that comes with it. I think I miss the ‘right’ compelling reason. The reason that makes me do the hard, new, things.

Any feedback is much appreciated.