Artist. Paintings. My thought: "I should be selling by now".

When do I (also) go to the worst scenario of a situation? Yesterday I watched the coaching of a woman who was doubting to visit her mother in Mexico when having surgery. I remember Brooke telling her; go to the scenario you want to push away.

My case is the following. I’m an artist, a painter. My goal is to sell my art. I’m in SCS and also in an artist coaching group. In this last group the focus is on ‘positive thinking’. I notice this doesn’t really work for me. This is my 13th month in SCS and the model is my guideline! Not affirmations.

Especially during lockdown I’ve been very committed to do the work I planned, and that feels good. I stick to my paint schedule, post on IG every day, fb etc. Built finally my own website, with prices. But… no sales yet. Tuesday I had my 20″ coaching that was very helpful. I was saying “I should be selling by now” and “I know there are people out there who love my art, and are willing to pay me for it”, but “I just don’t know where they are”. The coach stopped me there. She offered me the thought “I know where they are”. What would that change? For my feelings and actions. I get it.

Besides these thoughts for models, ‘should’ I also go to the place of ‘not succeeding’. To see what that will mean for me? Since life is always 50/50 it’s not better when I sell art (something she reminded me of), it’s not better ‘there’. I mentioned I think “If I start selling, it will go easier, I’ll have momentum”. That’s a belief that sounds nice, but gives me the feeling of wanting to get out of the now as fast as possible. What is not helping at all.

One of my models:
C. Not succeeding to sell my art in 2020
T. It will never work
F. Failure
A. Give up, give my stock away, complain to friends about the ‘difficult art market’, make no new investments in supplies, stop posting
R. Never success in selling my art

C. Not succeeding to sell my art in 2020
T. I’m better prepared for 2021 with sticking to my calendar (this is what I already do)
F. Convinced
A. Follow through with my calendar; painting, fb, Insta, website, contact for expositions,
R. Find clients(?)

I’m not convinced how to get myself in the right mindset (what thoughts) to continue the work, find clients that pay me.
Thank you!