As good as done

So about a week ago, I committed to not going on the scale, and also to following my meal plan. I had the realization that: “if I literally just follow my meal plan consistently, I’m guaranteed to hit my goal weight” and it was like, BOOM. A click. Oh, well then. I can stop feeling hopeless about losing weight, I know I will lose weight if I follow my plan. So, I will prepare for and execute on my plan. And I have been doing that and I feel really good about it. Usually, I’ll weigh myself and use that number to convince myself that it’s “not working” and then I eat off plan. I’m not doing that this time.

Now, I’m trying to apply the same concept to my business. I have an online course that I am trying to sell through an evergreen funnel to make passive income. I have a plan in place, but how do I KNOW it will work? I feel like I DON’T! But with weight loss, it’s just math – with business however, I think I am worried that nobody wants what I have to offer. It’s very possible that a business venture WON’T work. So, how can I just stick to my plan no matter what, when I actually DON’T know if it will work?