As the season changes

The weather is changing here in NY and with it my mood. I felt the fear as the cold came in. This past winter I had a bad case of depression, was it the meds, the weather, who cares. It was bad, me crying and not really doing my work.

It’s making me apprehensive… But this time around I have you.

And I need a plan because I know these are thoughts. And the weather can be lovely… and I need self-care and life isn’t rainbows, daisies, and unicorns. So Model Me, Mama…

C: The weather is changing (yes, winter is coming)
T: I’m going to get depressed because that’s how I feel when it gets cold
F: Sadness
A: Buffer
R: A circle of sadness…

C: The weather is changing (yes, winter is coming)
T: I might get sad on occasion but it will pass since I’m prepared for it
F: Feel the feeling whatever that is
A: Go to the gym, see friends, listen to your podcast, go for a walk *get out of the house!!!
R: Don’t Buffer!!!