Ask Brooke about over-drinking

I’m curious about the feelings Brooke was buffering from with Chardonnay. I’ve listened to her speak about personally over-drinking and the program that she created. Also, about working through the thoughts about drinking and wanting to be a person who does not desire Chardonnay. However, I don’t recall her sharing the feelings she was buffering during that time.

It seems like during the time she was over-drinking, she was experience success in many areas of her life. For example, her business was growing, she had a loving family, achieved her weight-loss goals, etc.

I’m curious because I went through a period where I was buffering with alcohol. It lasted about a year before I worked through the emotions and was ready to stop buffering. I noticed that I created a physical dependency from the habit of over-drinking. A year later, I’m not thinking about drinking all the time. But I find that if I have alcohol in the house, I find myself over drinking unconsciously.

When I go through the process of allowing the urge, nothing comes up for me. So there are no feelings to allow, no urge drama. It’s not a big deal. I don’t drink or think about drinking. However, when I decide to have a drink, I often refill without thinking and then have drunk more than I would want to.

Why was Brooke over-drinking? I appreciate how she shares her struggles and teaches us what she has learned from her own life.
Does it always have to be caused by a feeling we are trying to avoid?
Could it be a conditioned habit?