Ask Brooke – Earning Money (from A Sugar Daddy)

Dear Brooke,

I was listening for the third time to the ‘Earning Money’ video where you talk about not selling yourself out and it resonated with my current situation; one which I am not proud of.

On minute 17:12 you say, “Never ever earn money at your own expense. Your money should always be earned from a place of value… if you’re ever feeling like you’re doing something just for the money, and you’re not creating value, that’s not going to be the place where you’re going to create joy and abundance.You’re always going to be a slave to that amount of money.”

I married a man who came one day and said, ‘I will make your life easy, will you marry me?’ and I did.

The value I know he has by marrying me is upgrading himself to a married man after living 52 years as a single, with a conservative background.
He takes pleasure in introducing me to friends and colleagues as his 20-years younger wife, and I realized only recently that this easy life doesn’t have value to me beyond the money safety I am getting of living very comfortably, dining and traveling luxuriously, and not needing to have a day job.
By now, I resent going to see most of those friends and dream of a small 1 bedroom apartment, unfurnished by solely mine.

Only since I am a scholar I realize that the shopping and comfort don’t comfort anymore as I truly crave to create value by myself.
I also admit that I made a choice that served me when I married him and had a certain level of awareness, and needed that experience to grow. At least that’s what I tell myself… 🙂