I want Brooke to know that my impossible goal for 2020 is to compete in a fitness Model competition. I am 51 years old and before I had kids (before 24) I was training to become a fitness model. I had a lot of complications with my pregnancy and was on bedrest for 3 months. All of the beautiful muscle I had acquired was gone and I have never focused on getting it back. When I thought of an impossible goal for myself last month, this is what popped in my head. I thought it was a silly goal, but could feel in my heart that I really wanted it. SO, when I listened to DEC. overview, I knew what I needed to do. I will enter and compete in a fitness model competition before 12/31/2020. If you have any help to give me on this goal, please let me know. I am terrified of injuries as I have had 7 knee surgeries in the past 5 years and an ankle surgery 6 months ago. This goal is so crazy to me that I am struggling to actually visualize myself doing it. LOTS OF EXCITING WORK AHEAD OF ME!!!!
Thank you for all that you do for me and the other SCS. Maybe you will be able to come to the competition. I will be doing one in the Dallas area, since that is where I live.