Asking Better Questions (TRT)

I watched the Podcast Live video on asking better questions and I’ve been trying to come up with some better questions to help me figure out why I keep sabotaging my efforts when I get to 227 pounds. I keep getting stuck here. I asked myself:

Why don’t you want to achieve your goals? How does going off protocol serve you? Why don’t you believe you deserve financial wealth, love and physical health at the same time? Any suggestions on other questions that might help unlock the secrets in my brain?

One of my thought download chains came up with that my family will leave me out if I’m too successful. I won’t fit in with them. Mostly this relates to my parents (who are divorced). I understand that it is a thought, but there is a lot of supporting evidence. My intentional model is:

C: Weight Loss
T: My mom will leave me out of the family if I’m too successful
F: Abandoned
A: Sabotage Protocol
R: Gain Weight

I’m struggling with a new thought that gets me the results I want. As I’m writing this, I realize I have a lot of abandonment issues and I feel like the weight keeps me safe from putting myself out there to be abandoned again. Do I just sit with this feeling and allow it or how do I bridge to a new thought that separates abandonment from my food protocol? Would love some insight on how to proceed. I am so committed to finally breaking past this point.