Asking for a raise

Even amongst this time, I still want to ask a company I work for to give me a raise (I work remotely for them). It’s been an interesting question to ask myself.
C-Email company to ask for a raise
T-I’m afraid to ask for a raise.
When I ask myself Why- Because I’ll have to work hard to prove myself worthy of the raise. I’ll have to create so much value and I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it. I don’t believe in my value. I’ll seem greedy and money hungry. Another thing I do is this – Oh my boss, Holly, she will think that I am greedy and think Why does she need more money?

I notice I do that last part a lot – Oh this person will think this about me… when really it is just a judgement from myself and worrying about what other people think about me right?

Here is a start on a model, but I’m not sure on the result –
C-Prep email Holly to ask for a raise
T-I’m so greedy.
A- Not ask, judge myself