Asking for what I want

Hi Brooke,

I have realized through watching and being the observer that I have a really hard time saying what I want (or need). I have realized that this is probably connected to being a people pleaser. And, connected to how I grew up where I was not encouraged to have an opinion or articulate my needs – I was repeatedly told that kids should just be “seen and not heard”. As a consequence, I feel like I never say want I want and usually just give an answer to make other’s happy or to seem nice. More specifically, I think I subconsciously am currently wired to be accommodating to others. I do this in both personal and professional settings.

I realize I am an adult now and can leave that behind. But, can you provide some advice on how to prevent automatically doing what others want? How do I get clearer on what I want and learn to voice my wants and needs.