Asking other people to decide what to do about their stuff

I’m a little confused about Brooke’s instructions in one of the October videos. She says that, for the stuff in our homes that belongs to other people, we are supposed to ask them the 3 questions about each item and be firm about that person making a decision on each item. But we can’t control what other people do. For example, my husband has already told me he will not be participating in this exercise with me. He has asked me to simply put his boxes in a corner and he will deal with them in his own good time. I’m neutral about his stuff and it’s not causing me any suffering. I feel like my work is with my stuff only. But Brooke was pretty clear about this point, says the way to act like an adult is to insist others make their decisions, too. I know I can do whatever I want in this situation. Yet I’d like to understand Brooke’s methodology and teaching so I can choose whether I want to push my husband on this or not. Thanks for helping with this.