Asking questions beginning with “Why”

Hi Brooke,
Hugs of gratitude for your creativity, courage, commitment and certitude in bring SCS to the next level. I am learning, thinking, feeling, freaking out, and peaceful; I’m IN my life:) Game on! Thanks to all the team at The Life Coach School for your excellence in customer service and support.
My question is about the use of the word ‘why’. My training in social work stipulated that ‘why’ questions were unacceptable as they tend to put folks on the defensive. We were taught to ask a lot of ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions. I need to run a model or ten on why “WHY” pushes my buttons. I notice ‘why’ questions are used often in coaching. Can you please comment on your use of “why” questions in your coaching practice?
Sending love and light,