Aspergers syndrome?

Hi Brooke,

There are some very strong willed people in my family, who need to be in control and have their own way on everything!! It’s really hard work, however i think they may have un-diagnosed mental health issues. They interpret the world and see the world as black and white and cannot reason, or see anyone elses point of view. My mum, who knows more about mental health issues than me, thinks they have Asperger syndrome. I have a son who may be showing signs of this behaviour. He is nearly 2, so it may just be his age, and the doctors and health visitors don’t want to put a label on him yet. Which is fine and what ever happens I will love him no matter what. Do you have any advice on how to help him/ I can help him. Are these behaviours typical of Aspergers syndrome? Sorry if this is not your typical scholars question. I have just listened to your podcast on metal health ( which I thought was amazing by the way!!!!) and you mentioned you had studied about mental health issues…