Assistance with decision making required

I am currently at a crossroads. I have a few different potential options on my table (which I’m grateful for), but I can’t decide which one to take/follow/pursue.

I have a gut feeling that some are not really what I want to do, but came about as I was trying to escape something else which I held negative beliefs/thoughts about.

I know Brooke talks about indecision and that you either say yes or no to something and commit.

In a nutshell, I worry that for ten years I have wanted to leave nursing and now I have options to do that, but the reason for leaving is because of my thoughts. Therefore, I don’t know how to proceed with processing this situation.

I have been offered to study stage management in Jan 2022, but I sought this opportunity when I was trying to escape nursing.

I also like money and living a life of abundance. Studying and starting over doesn’t feel like a good move, given that it came from a thought that’s not factual.

Knowing what I know now, I can see that nursing isn’t the problem.

Thoughts? How do I process this?

Thank you!