Assistant not coming to retreat


I was working on a model and I’m struggling to get the R line. It would be wonderful if you can advise!

The situation is:
I run my own yoga lessons and we go on a retreat now and then. I’m currently planning a retreat this coming November.
Couple years ago, I ran the same retreat together with an assistant that supported me. I reached out to her to ask if she can help out this year and was told that she can help, but she won’t be able to be there on 2nd day of retreat since she would like to attend her kid’s soccer game.

I have all this thoughts and mind drama like, “I’m not sure what to do and I’d like someone to be there the whole time. It might be challenging.” “She used to be really happy working with me and took on anything. Maybe the dynamics has changed. ” “She might not be as excited being involved in my retreat anymore. ”

Here is the model I did:
C: Planning retreat in Nov. and my assistant says she can’t come on the 2nd day.
T: Anna (assistant) might not be as excited being involved in my retreat anymore.
F: disappointed
A: Ruminating about what she’s thinking, feel like losing an assistant, not reaching out to FB group for support, think about potential,
R: I’m not giving myself the chance to explore whether Anna wants to work with me.

I struggled with choosing a thought and I also feel like there could be a stronger R.
My friend suggested “R: You’re not being as excited for the retreat ” but it’s not that I’m not excited about the retreat.

Advice would be really helpful! Thank you!