At peace with present self

Hi team!
So, I have done a lot of work on the thoughts I have about myself and abundance. I am now really able to believe in the thought: I can create what I want and I am exactly the person I need to be to make things happen. I am 100% convinced that one day, the goals I have set for myself will become reality, which is amazing in itself. But this newfound confidence has somehow created new thoughts about my present situation: because I can picture clearly who I am going to be and I strongly believe it’s going to happen one way or another, I am kind of eager to be in that place/future and I see my present self as a lesser version of who I can be. I know it’s only a thought, but I know it’s definitely holding me back from making progress, which I guess is the irony that the Model helps us understand. Any advice on how to be at peace with a present self which is (I guess wrongly) perceived as not at full potential? Thanks.