Today is the anniversary of the day my Dad had a massive heart attack. I was so proud of myself for doing thought downloads and doing some pre-work for this day. What I was NOT prepared for was for my husband to be in a funk. He said he was feeling like a failure and that he missed his mother because he hasn’t been able to see her for over a year. So he wasn’t talking to me. I then felt so isolated. It’s like I was then upset that I STILL felt blindsided today in spite of my pre-work on my mind. I believe the thought that led to the cake ….possibly “forget it” AND possibly “I want to celebrate my accomplishment for how I’ve healed so much and how it doesn’t hurt the same because I don’t resist the grief”…not sure what the EXACT thought was that led to getting the cake. I obviously made the choice. My question…when I feel alone, isolated, and that my husband isn’t giving me the attention I want how can I take care of myself? Thanks in advance.