Ate off plan

I had planned on not eating until after church at 2 Sunday. I usually break my fast at noon but I was going to be at church so I decided to not eat until I got back. When Sunday came around however my brain freaked out telling me I couldn’t teach Sunday school as well if I was hungry and that I’d better eat. I listened!! Haha. Looking at it now I realize how funny that is. It’s quite similar to my three year olds logic when she wants something. Sneaky brain! I think I’ve been trying to look at my actions as to why I’m over weight. I know you teach to look at the T line but even as I’m doing thought downloads and models I’m focused on that darn A line and usually beating myself up for not changing the A. When I look at the T it’s so much less pressure and drama. Oh the reason I over ate was because I was having a thought error. Well that’s no big deal we can remind our brain that thought isn’t serving us. Instead of “stop over eating Britt! You know you can’t have pancakes, what’s wrong with you?!”

Thanks for listening! Just thinking out loud over here:)