Attempt at the model post first one-on-one, asking for feedback

I just finished my first one-on-one with Sarah Rose, which was awesome. We discussed how my thoughts create fear around setting up my first rental property I’ve been remodeling as well as my internal belief that I am unreliable. My partner is trusting me to take care of everything, and so far I haven’t met the initial discussed time frame and I have exceeded the budget which has created a lot of tension between us, so I have felt added pressure and fear around the rental. From that conversation, I attempted the model.

C- The house needs to get set up as a rental property
T- I am unreliable and afraid that I will mess it up and it will hurt my relationship
F- Fear, anxiety, frozen, dismissive, stressed, not good enough/smart enough
A- Set up the property
R- The property will become a rental property and create a possibility of passive income which adds to my annual goal

So my question, am I doing this right? Given my brief description, is there a different way I could use the model? I am especially unsure about how to navigate the Action and Result parts of the model, as well as the takeaways/action plan.