Attracted to someone 2

But how might you create more of what you truly want for yourself long term by repurposing your desire?
I could redirect my attention toward my husband.

It seems hard to do though, because I feel so high when I speak with my crush. Yesterday I had a conversation with this man, and I was feeling totally high. My brain was filled with love chemicals. I know it’s not real love but I wonder if it’s not like an addiction. I obsess about this man to feel high.
I’m ashamed about my crushes, because I think I act weirdly (asking intimate questions, wanting to be with the person, having a lot of love pictures of me and him in my head). I think it’s ridiculous to be like a teenager when I should be more reasonable.
And as it’s a pattern, an habit, I really want to do something about it. I should stop denying I’ve got this problem and maybe go to a therapist…

Thanks a lot for your feedback.