Attraction part 2!

Hey Brooke! Happy Friday. This is a follow-up to that Q about attraction in a relationship!

So I did what you said and made a list of:

1. other things about my bf that I find attractive
-his eyes
-his arms and chest
-the way he laughs
-the way he finds me funny and cares about me.

2. challenge all the ideas I have about baldness
-baldness is unattractive. THOUGHT THAT CHALLENGES THAT BELIEF >> I know men that are bald that are attractive
-baldness is something you should try to change. THOUGHT THAT CHALLENGES THAT BELIEF >> not everyone who is balding needs to be bothered or focused on it.

You suggested creating a full picture of him as well that I can be attracted to. When I think about the things that I currently find attractive about him, and picture him completely bald, I guess I do still have the thought “I just love him!” But in paying attention to my body as well, I can feel this sense of resistance, like in my arms. (If that makes ANY sense!). It feels like I feel something trying to stop me from accepting this belief/something holding me back.

I don’t really know what my question is now…other than, do I just keep going over in my head the new “full picture” of him and the things that I’m attracted to?

Thank you so much!!!