August daily homework – CA

Hello! So happy to be here at SCS! August is my second month and I am currently working on How to live your purpose theme. I already feel behind though. I know, not a useful thought!

I came up with my purpose sentence at the beginning of the month: “I decide that I want to live my life at its fullest capacity by continually learning and being curious, and become the next best version of myself on the way.” This purpose is broad and allows me to include subcategories: I want to become the best version of myself as a mother, a scientist, a wife, as a human 🙂 I love to learn and experiment so it seems appropriate.

When I am doing the daily homework, I do the thought download on a subcategory, mostly mother and scientist (career) these days. However my thought download looks like a list of critics or negative thoughts, such as “I am wasting my time doing this and that” or “I am not happy about what I have achieved at work today” or “today I was haunted by the thought of losing my son to a disease or a tragic accident (I can have horrible anxiety around that theme) and wasted so much mental energy & focus because of these thoughts.”

How to transition from a negative thought download to question 2 Brainstorm ideas, possibilities, dreams, and desires?
Is my purpose too broad to materialize it into concrete ideas and action-to-take? Could you help me with examples or bridge sentences I could use ?

Thank you Brooke!