August Homework – Wants

I am loving the homework this month!

Today as I was brainstorming ideas related to my purpose I found myself writing things I want to do and feeling like I can’t do them because they aren’t aligned with my business goals.

I decided, sort of like you, that my purpose is to be an example of what is possible for a mom.
In my business my mission has been to help other moms become the best version of themselves so they can live fulfilling lives. I can totally do this by being an example of what’s possible.

In my business I’ve narrowed my niche to working with moms who suffer anxiety, learn to overcome their anxiety and blow their own mind. I chose this because it’s something I have been through myself and I feel like I can really help others.

But when I think about things that I want to do that feel inspiring and creative I instantly think about photography and branding and planning. I want to eventually have a business that helps moms start their own business so they can have something for themselves other than being mom.

Can you speak a bit more about how our purpose translates directly to our business? Sometimes I think I’m just getting ahead of myself. I want to make sure I’m cultivating good ground here in the beginning (I haven’t signed a client yet) and that the seeds I plant will produce food eventually. That’s why I decided to start with anxiety clients. I know anxiety is something I can offer so much help on, so much value. And I do feel good helping people that suffer from it because I can relate so much, but those other wants are still there.

You talk about how the only reason we should do anything is because we want to. But what happens when it feels like our desires don’t really match up to our purpose? I think I get jammed up when it comes to my niche. Do I just let these ideas sit until I’m booked out and my business has room to grow?

I think there’s a lot of moms who suffer from anxiety who dream about doing big things like starting a business, but they will never start one because they are suffering and not really living. I feel like this is the first step they need to go through to get to the point where they can start making their dreams come true. But again, this is what my journey has been.

I hope this makes sense. I feel like I almost got it, but it’s just not totally clear yet. Please share your thoughts!