August theme and all the feels

I just want to say that this months theme couldn’t have come to me in a better timing. I got chills reading through the material, got all teary and at one point my chest started pounding. I had to take a minute to decide if it was fear, excitement, or a heart attack! (I decided it was excitement!)

So I (re)decided that my purpose is to explore my limits as a human being and try to unlock my full potential.

Does the word “try” work against me in that sentence? Is it too vague?

(I mean that in all senses possible, like my limits as an entrepreneur, a business woman, a coach, an earner, a wife, a mother, a woman, a member of society a teacher, a friend, the limits of my body in terms of health and nutrition, etc.)

Thank you, and I wish us all an amazing amazign month!!!