August – Week 1 assignment Feedback please

Hello! I have just finished the week 1 assignment and I would kindly ask for feedback if I am doing it right (in my head I am doing it right).

Answer 1: This is me, take it or leave it. I am always doing my best at that moment. I live my life the way I choose to. This is my life, my choices, my way and it is ok.

Answer 2: My purpose sentence is “I am an example of being fully in.”

Answer 3: This sentence excites me, it is fun and it reminds me to be present with myself. I want to experience 100% of life with everything it has to offer and show this to others – fully feel my feelings, fully commit, fully be present with myself and others, fully live, fully have 50/50 of good and bad and fully enjoy it.

Any feedback is welcome, thank you!