Aunt Conversation

I don’t enjoy calling my aunt because she is negative, and I have a hard time dealing with her. I do understand that by me saying that my aunt is negative is just an opinion of mine, a thought. But I genuinely have a hard time listening to her. I am currently trying to change this thought that I have about her. I would like to hear what you guys have to say and how I can do a ladder thought about this matter.

unintentional model
c- aunt talking negatively
T- this is why I don’t like to call
F- annoyed
C- listing to her talking but not paying attention. Pretending to care but not caring.
R- I don’t want to call her.

Intentional Model

C- aunt talking negatively
T- I can make an effort to listen to her
F- caring
A- be open-minded. Listen to her talking. Show up with respect.
R- I don’t mind calling her more often.