Autism Mama = Stressed & Burnt Out Part II

THANK YOU for helping me clarify my thoughts and expose them for what they are. Most of the time I’m okay with his Autism diagnosis, but I have moments that I am not – for example, we just moved to a new town approximately an hour away from my family, so we can be closer. While my husband and I were cleaning and painting the new house, Max decided he wanted to go outside and down the street to the neighbors house to play on their enclosed front porch. I completely panicked and was frozen in fear, I had no idea how to react or what to think during this emergency. I found him immediately because I’m always checking on him every 5-10 minutes, so he wasn’t gone but for a couple of those minutes. I just cried. I could have lost him. He doesn’t know a stranger, so that’s my biggest fear.

Do you have any recommendations for anything in particular I should watch or read in the vault or throughout the last year of recordings to help me get through this anxiety?

Also, I rewatched the grief workshop. I just love it. I’ve spoken with Janet before, and I just adore her! Dementia is very hard to cope with and grieve through, I had an aunt that I was close to die within the last 2 years of it. It’s SO hard to watch someone you love so much fade away – and then not know who you are anymore.

Any suggestions on how to go about my grieving process I’m currently in? I’m doing so well with every other aspect in my life, but this door has remained shut and locked. I’m not sure how to sit and process these deep emotions without completely breaking down. I get to the point as to where I can’t function afterwards because I’m so engulfed in these emotions, I result in taking my anxiety pill in order to easy the pent up stress and energy that it brings with it.

I’m looking for step by step resources that I can apply to best process this. If I don’t figure it out soon, my marriage will fail because of who I’ve become now as a result.

Thank you XOXO