Hi Brooke,

My nephew was diagnosed with Autism when he was 1y.o and now he is 3y.o. He has been in therapy but hasn’t made much progress and still not able to talk. My heart breaks for him and my brother and sis in law. I think about my nephew everyday and it is really affecting my day to day living. He is the cutest little happy toddler, but seeing him struggle to communicate his needs or not do the things other kids his age are able to do is so heartbreaking. I try to tell myself, at least he is healthy, happy, and able to run around and play – something i know a lot of other chronic sick kids aren’t able to do but still i’m so scared for his future.

Here is the my thought model for it
C: Nephew has Autism
T: My nephew and brother will have such a hard life
F: Sad, scared, helpless
A: Not being able to help my nephew
R: My nephew will suffer

I can change it to:

C: Nephew has Autism
T: He will continue to get therapy and improve
F: Grateful for his improvements, happy, relieved
A: Will be able to create happy memory with nephew instead of being sad around him
R: Nephew will be fine in his own terms.

Am I doing this correctly?