Auto Immune, not feeling well

Ok, so I know need help with not feeling well on a regular basis. I have read some of the questions where you address if someone has a cold or flu that obviously they have to provide self care and resume life in a few days when they are well.

But I need help with a thought about feeling ok for 3 or 4 days then back to fatigue or other symptoms that make me feel so blah, then back to feeling ok then back to not having energy or needing more rest or just not doing anything for a few days. This is a cycle and I have developed negative thoughts about it.

Can you please help me find some bigger ways or themes to think about this cycle of wellness?

Here is a model i was working on today in the middle of trying to do my homework and wanting to take the dog for a walk after that. The fatigue set in and my head starting pounding so I immediately sat down and did a download and a model.

So here it is:
My head hurts
I feel so weak
How can i have a headache for so long
i feel blah
I want to go back to bed
what the hell is this
i want to do my classs homework but i cant even think
i want to walk Callie but i feel awful
How do i overcome this feeling in my body
its hard to do deep thought work when i feel so weak and have a headache
my body seems to bring out my most negative thoughts

C-auto immune
T-this is what always happens. I try to move forward and then i feel physically awful.
F-frustrated, defeated, helpless
A-watch tv, nap
R-dont do anything

C-auto immune
T-take care of yourself and do what you can(this sounds so trite. I have been saying to myself for years! I need some thing better here!)
A-Read, clean kitchen, watch tv, nap

Other positive thoughts i have-
This to shall pass
god works all things fo my good
you have done so well and accomplished many things
keep moving
little by little

Please look at this from the point of view of it being a cycle in terms of not feeling well and it going on for a long time.