This months work has revealed I have very “average” thoughts about myself and my life. This discovery is quite dissatisfying. On one hand, nothing terrible is happening, however nothing exciting is happening either. I feel having this thought allows me to only put forth 60% effort into the things a want to accomplish. I know my primitive brain is trying to keep me safe. If I am average, I am less threatening to people and less likely to be judged by them and I will be more accepted. I also know that’s not being fair to others or myself because I’m not showing up as my true authentic self. I’m trying to find a thought that seems believable and helps me leave my comfort zone to be more than “average.” I also know that being “ average” is subjective and it’s up to me what I make it mean. Being “average” seems so believable to me so I’m having a hard time find a new thought that holds some weight. Thanks!