Avoiding Decluttering Bathroom Cabinets

This is my first model and would like some help checking it ◡̈ Thank you

Situation: I want to declutter my bathroom cabinets. They are overflowing with toiletries that I’ve bought in the past year, including items from 2020’s Black Friday, that I haven’t even used yet. And when I need to get something I have to move baskets and bags of things.

C: planning to clean my bathroom
T: I have a lot of toiletries, I can’t bear to throw them away it would be such a waste
F: Guilt
A: I get stuck in a guilt hole/ trip or narrative about why do I buy so many things: I’m such a bad person for spending so much money and not using all the items I’ve bought. I can’t possibly throw my old makeup away because what if I need to use this specific shade of red lipstick one evening. And then I get angry because I know if I keep everything for every possible scenario I’d drown in things. Everytime I look at my bathroom, which is a lot because I need to use the toilet, it starts the whole cycle over again, why don’t I clean the bathroom? And I end up avoiding decluttering my bathroom cabinets because it seems so daunting, seems like a huge task and I can’t handle the mental battle on what to do, throw away or keep? And I just keep giving myself the chance to judge and shame myself and I end up not doing anything and just continue to feel guilty.
R: I don’t clean or make any progress and continue to judge myself.