Avoiding discomfort

Struggling with the thought of never being able to eat sugar and flour again
I Have done several diets with not much success , then… last year I quit sugar and flour for 2 months and lost a bunch of weight and I felt so good! Then I had something off protocol and felt failure ate everything in site and gave up.
This was before I found scholars….
I know this way of eating works for me and I am excited to add the mental part… (scholars)
But it is month two and I am freakin scared…. it was so misserable and hard and I just wonder if I can do this protocol for my entire life…
I sometimes feel Excited to start my protocol like here(scholars) is the missing link to my weight loss goals…
But still can’t find the motivation and haven’t started cause I keep thinking
Oh,,,,, this is going to suck, why start, u can’t eat like this forever….I can’t keep a motivating or upbeat thought.. ugh! Help!