Avoiding Feeling Insignificant

I think most people believe I am a very confident person, but I feel like my confidence is always based on my circumstances (I have a hard time staying in a feeling of confidence if my circumstances don’t align with what I have determined is successful.) So my confidence has high highs and low lows. Even when I have a high level of confidence, it still feels counterfeit.

I’ve been working on developing a deeper self-confidence for the past 6 months and this week I noticed that although I am good at processing some negative emotions like sadness, disappointment and embarrassment, I’m very resistant to processing the feeling of insignificance and insecurity because it feels like the opposite of self-confidence. But when I avoid feeling insecure, I end up buffering with instagram (getting likes on a post distracts me from the feeling and temporarily makes me feel better, but I still feel like a fraud)

Is avoiding insecurity and insignificance why I haven’t been able to develop a deeper self-confidence? It feels counter-intuitive to lean into the very emotion I am working to avoid. But I guess insecurity and insignificance are just like any other emotion, right?