Avoiding selling my new sticker design.

I finally made stickers of one of my art designs – now I am avoiding selling them because I don’t know how to present it on social media. So I am agonizing over HOW and WHAT to say.

I am trying to sell a new sticker design I just made. I’m planning to post on social media. I have thoughts like how much can I sell them for?

Should I wait till I make more stickers to sell to have a more interesting variety and issues of how to price them.

I am considering selling the one sticker design I have made ( I made 100) for $5 for 1 which would include postage and mailing. $5 seems expensive for 1 sticker but I paid 1.25 for them (they are die-cut) and postage and envelope is probably an extra $0.75.
So when I post these on social media – what can I say?

Should I just stick to something simple like “Stickers for sale!” and post a photo and ask for payment through Venmo or Paypal or ” I finally created stickers- you should buy one – they are only $5 but you can get 2 for $8 or 3 for $11″

Idk – I know this probably seems like such a dumb thing to agonize over! But any advice or insight as to how my mind is working is greatly appreciated:)