Aware of buffering but still doing it

Hi Brooke. Thank you so much for your clear thinking and sometimes tough answers. I only became aware of my own buffering habits through joining SCS last month. When I joined I thought I just wanted to do self-work that would help me to earn more money, and I had no idea that buffering was an issue. However, I now see that I buffer by eating sugary food or drinking alcohol to change gears/get more energy/”relax”. Last week I was successful several times in overcoming urges, but the past few days I have noticed the urges, held off for a while, but then still gave in to the urges (had a beer at the end of the day so I had an excuse to sit on the couch and relax, or today had some handfuls of chocolate chips so I could satisfy my sugar addiction and feel that burst of energy to keep getting work done, and even at this moment I am contemplating having a beer to “end the day”/go into non-productive mode because I’m tired and am not sure what the best use of my time is for the next few hours till bed. My question is, how problematic is this? Do you see people knowingly give into urges for a while, and then after a while become successful in handling them? Is there any value in noticing that I am buffering, when I’m doing it? Or is that somehow more damaging, because I know I’m doing something that has a negative impact and I’m doing it anyway? Thanks!