I am in awe and sooooo grateful!

I don’t have a question but just wanted to express the fullness of my gratitude you and this program. My 20 yr old daughter often expresses her thoughts about circumstances to me. In the beginning, I would offer wisdom that I have received from your teaching (which started with your podcast). In the beginning, she would sometimes roll her eyes at the mention of your name. Then our conversations progressed to her being entertained instead of annoyed by the way that you have so greatly influenced my thinking. Yesterday I received a text from her that sounded very much like you! She asked me what my favorite emotion was. Turns out she has started listening to your podcasts and had done the exercise of your top 3 emotions! And so the goodness spreads!! My life has done a complete 180 in so many ways since I found you, and to see it helping my daughter too now is the sweetest icing I could every even imagine tasting! YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!! Thank you for the tremendous value you contribute to the world.
Big hugs!